Roves Buddy Ralph Reed Was to Get Over ˝ $Mil Dollars From Enron Roves Buddy Ralph Reed Was to Get Over ˝ $Mil Dollars From Enron Gosh. This little piece of news has not recieved much coverage for some reason? WASHINGTON (AP) - In a controversy that touched White House political adviser Karl Rove, Enron Corp., signed contracts with GOP consultant Ralph Reed worth more than half a million dollars, the Federal Election Commission revealed in a ruling. Enron paid Reed, the former Christian Coalition leader, about $300,000 before the energy company's collapse. The payments came to light as part of an FEC inquiry into whether Enron's hiring of GOP consultant Reed was a sham designed to disguise an in-kind contribution from Enron to Bush's presidential effort. In dismissing a complaint against Rove and the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign, the FEC disclosed that the Enron-Reed ties involved far more money than has previously been reported. more ‘ENRON source of GOP political power 1. Considering the failure of leadership... ...I think it would be quite appropriate to begin asking some questions about that corporate corruption, and those S11 intelligence failures, and politically expedient terror warnings... This administration wants SO BADLY to go to war, isn't it time we started questioning some of the OBVIOUS conflicts of interest? Where are our leaders? 2. How come no press hound snoops around for more dirt on Rove? You've read Hersh's piece on guru Perle with a company to profit from the coming massacre. You've been told that Halliburton is still paying Cheney and is poised to garner handsome contracts for the reconstruction of Iraq that Bush is about to crater. Back when Clinton was the elected president, everything he had done from the time he left Hope was scrutinized. What has happened to media fair play or is that another illusion? Oh, I've just answered my question. 3. ‘ENRON source of GOP political power’ Is there any wonder the "Rove Suggests ENRON Employ Ralph Reed " story went down the Memory Hole? It's more evidence of their criminality. From an excellent January 2002 article: Second Careers: Top Bush Aide Helped Ralph Reed Win Enron Contract Karl Rove, President Bush's top political adviser, recommended the Republican strategist Ralph Reed to the Enron Corporation for a lucrative consulting contract as Mr. Bush was weighing whether to run for president, close associates of Mr. Rove say. The Rove associates say the recommendation, which Enron accepted, was intended to keep Mr. Reed's allegiance to the Bush campaign without putting him on the Bush payroll. Mr. Bush, they say, was then developing his 'compassionate conservativism' message and did not want to be linked too closely to Mr. Reed, who had just stepped down as executive director of the Christian Coalition, an organization of committed religious conservatives. At the same time, they say, the contract discouraged Mr. Reed, a prominent operative who was being courted by several other campaigns, from backing anyone other than Mr. Bush. SNIP… 'I'm a big fan of Ralph's,' Mr. Rove said, 'so I'm constantly saying positive things.' SNIP… 'If Karl Rove was partly responsible for him getting the job at Enron, it illustrates the close relations between the Bush political world and Enron,' said Trevor Potter, a Republican who is a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission. 'If it was done for the avowed reason to keep Reed satisfied and out of someone else's political camp, it illustrates what everyone in the Republican world has known for years: Enron has been an important source of political power in the party.' MORE… You don't want to call the BFEE Nazis? OK. They're gangsters, arch-criminals, and psychopathic personalities. BFEE in the Conspiracy Business since 1963 Remove | Alert Edit | Reply | Top