John Dubek Philadelphia, PA 19124

OBJECTIVE: To seek a position in a professional environment where I would develop my product development, business and inter-personal skills. SUMMARY: - I have developed skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint - I am good at writing reports and have very good math skills. I have contributed to several validation protocols and final reports; these reports were in turn submitted to the FDA. PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE: PRUDENTIAL PRIME REAL ESTATE Oct 2005 - Present - sales agent PHILADELPHIA GAS WORKS Feb 2005 - Jul 2006 - security AMERADA HESS CORPORATION May 2003 - Feb 2005 - sales associate, customer service pharmaceutical research and product development: MERCK/JOHNSON & JOHNSON JOINT VENTURE Oct 1990 - Nov 2002 - familiar with Hobart, Patterson-Kelly, TK Fielder. - experience with Vector and Thomas Engineering Coating Pans. - extensive work with Glatt and Aeromatic Fluid Bed. - charted analytical data on Excel, Lotus, Database spreadsheet - presented Powerpoint presentations for marketing buy-in - assisted in breakdown, cleaning and reassembly of Manesty, Stokes, Fette - coordinated major scale-up from bench top to live production run - studied SPC (systems process control) and participated in lessons learned meetings

page 2 John Dubek 1660 Unity St. Philadelphia, PA 19124 OAKITE/REILLY WHITEMAN PRODUCTS Sep 1988 - Oct 1990 - quality assurance of heavy industrial and textile chemicals - creative problem solving used to adjust product batches - pH, alkalinity, moisture content, etc. - evaluated emulsions and flame retardants. DICKLER CHEMICAL LABS Jul 1986 - Sep 1988 - formulator of industrial cleaners, disinfectants and waxes EDUCATION: 9/88 - 12/91 Completion of Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science AWARDS: 4 U.S. Patents issued: "Fill Material for Soft Gelatin Pharmaceutical Dosage Form"5,919,481, "Translucent Liquid Suspension" 5,874,112, "Liquid Antacid Compositions" 5,914,135, "Translucent Antacid Suspension containing co-dried Aluminum Sodium Carbonate" 6,110,505 . “Vice Presidents Award” for innovation / Mylanta Calcium Carbonate / Magnesium Hydroxide antacid "Frank Rizzo" College Scholarship ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: Glatt Fluid Bed Granulation Seminar, Colorcon Pan-Coating Seminar, Quality Training & Intro to SPC, TA Seminar in rheology, SPC Quality Control Seminars