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War is a failure of imagination

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It seems like Indian and Pakistani leaderships have run out of ideas. That is why not only they are using war language they are practically preparing for a war---a war in which they can totally annihilate each other.

American President George W. Bush is using his influence but his statements seem to pacify both Pakistan and India at the same time. He doesn't have any practical solution that can change the minds of fully determined Indian leaders.

Where is the deadlock?

India is blaming Pakistan for December 13 suicide attack on Indian parliament. Therefore, it has a list of demands it wants Pakistan to fulfill. Pakistan has taken steps to satisfy India but Indian leadership is demanding more than the steps Pakistan took. US President is also saying that "General Musharraf should do more to end extremism in his country." The question is how to break this deadlock?

One way to end this deadlock is Pakistan should accept India's demands but should put forward her own demands. For example, Pakistan can ask India that India should accept all UN resolutions on Kashmir and announce a timeframe to act on those resolutions. Pakistan should give its timeframe to fulfill Indian demands. Both countries should follow the timeframe to meet each other's demands thus moving situation towards the solution of Kashmir issue.

War is a failure of imagination. Pakistani and Indian leaders should show to the world that they have not run out of imagination. They still are creative enough to come up with some amicable solutions at a point which seems a point of no return.