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N64 Cheats, Tips, and Hints [no java]


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updated- 8/6/97


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This is a very good N64 cheats site where you can find N64 cheats hint and tips for N64 and SNES games. N64 is the best system out in the market right now. I like goldeneye very much for the N64. The N64 cheat and hints on this page were submitted by people the like N64 and play it.they sent me the tips and cheats for these N64 cheats. I have been away, and not working on this N64 Cheats site, but I have returned now and am working diligently to get this site up to date. N64 is best viewed on a 40 tube tv....the cheats are best used while playing the game that cheat or tip or hint is meant for.This N64 site is all of my own creation. Anyone that wants to send in N64 cheats and hint and tips in can send them to . I have borrowed JavaScipt code from a friend of mine, he is a Java master. N64 is the best. N64 is the best sytstem and is a great great deal.....And, with the N64 cheat and tips and hints on this page you can enjoy the N64 games that you bought for your N64 even more than when you had not known the cheat and tips and hints that on are this site, The N64 cheats site.... This site, in addtion to N64 cheats tips and hints also has SNES cheats tips and hints....SNES was just like regular nintendo. but N64 is so much better....I cannot wait Megaman 64 I hope they come out a with a 64 bit megaman game for the N64. If they do I will be sure to have cheats tips and hints on my site for that game.I LOVE N64.....I LOVE Nintendo 64. I LOVE nintendo....even SNES and regular nes..N64 rules...CHEATS TIPS AND HINTS FOREVER..