THE "CHOICE" FOR 2000: COME ON THEN, BE HONEST. WHICH ONE WOULD YOU VOTE FOR?? INCLUDES CONNECTIONS TO THE MAFIA The United States media is now exploding wall to wall coverage of the 2000 presidential election across the airwaves. If you like watching paint dry...well this is for you. Placed candidates on both "sides" are reading their scripts and ensuring the outcome the Illuminati decided a long time ago. We are currently at the stage where the Republican and Democratic Parties (both branches of the Illuminati) are choosing their candidate to run for president. One is the son of the child-killing, drug-running, mind-controlling, paeodophile. Son-of-his-Father is the favourite to be the next president and keep the [reptilian] chamelion bloodline in the White House. He is actually a very poor candidate and the more people see him in action, the less they seem to like him. He does not appear to be the brightest man ever to walk on earth, but then that has never been a block on reaching the highest political office. The Illuminati are going to have do some real dirty work on his likely opponent. But, of course, as usual, they control both candidates anyway, and ore is addicted to drinking human blood. Rhodes Scholarships are named after, and were originally funded by, Cecil Rhodes, the infamous Illuminati front man and they pay for highly selected bloodline students to go to Oxford University in England, the heart-centre of the Illuminati's control of global "education". At the last two presidential elections, both Clinton and his chief advisor, George Stephanopolous, were Rhodes Scholars. Sure is a small world when you are involved with the Illuminati. Yet another is a puppet of a mobster network. To understand the background you need to know about the Marley organised crime network. Marley was the protégé of Sam Bronfman of the major Illuminati bloodline family in North America which owns the liquor giant Seagrams and Universal Music, the biggest music company in the world. See related article on Time Warner. Marley had also been connected to what remained of the Al Capone operation. Marley himself was saved from prosecution by his personal attorney, William Rehnquist, who went on to be the present Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court!! When a reporter threatened to expose the rackets and the big names involved, he was murdered when a bomb exploded in his car. You will never be told the true background to any of this by the media, like the Phoenix Gazette. They were started by a guy called Eugene Pullium, at the instigation of, yes, you guessed it, Kemper Marley. Eugene Pullium is, in turn, the grandfather of Dan Quayle, vice president to George Bush. Quayle, Bush, and Colin Powell, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were the trio who orchestrated the Gulf War. All three are the bloodline of England's King George II. Just a co-incidence, nothing to worry about. Quayle grew up in Paradise Valley, near Phoenix, next door to Robert Welsh, the man who started the John Birch Society. This claims to be against the New World Order, but is, in fact, at it's top level, an exercise in damage limitation and a "fishing" operation to attract out of the shadows those who know about what is going on.