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Date: Sun, Feb 25, 2001 1:06 PM
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(forwarded without permission from the Unsaved St. Isidor, but I don't think
he'll mind...)

Come on you bunch of crazy loons!
Forget those naive protest tunes!
Put on your pantaloons,
And join the Pentagoons!!

Kick some sneerious buttock...With General Moe Turz, General Eel Ektrick, General Normal Schwartzcopter, General Coolin' Power, General Ass-Halt & Battery from the Galactic Gestapoo, General Zenon Malathion from Zion, Princess ZeeZa Gabor of the Confederation of Zeta Ridiculi, Sir Arthur Konan Boyle, "The Barbarian" of the Royal Secret Society of Super Sonic Scientists (RSSSSS), the Wreckafellar backstreet banksters, the Council on Immoral Relations and their protective goonads: the Broad Street Bullies, wearing armored suits with pockets full of guns, smoke grenades, gasmasks, viruses, microbes, fluoride, chlorine, MSG, depleted plutonium, bombshells, electro-magnetic zappers, canisters of instant concentrated chemtrail dispensers...just hook em' up to those useless fire hydrants.

They do all this to scare away those terrifying looking protestors...People without guns...just brains, people without
masks...just knowledge, people without Anthrax...just a will to defend their opinions...

People without Billions of $$$...just people with a conscience...

Oh...that word...

It doesn't mix well with politics, business and subdividing markets for
avaricious "conglomerats".

In opposition to these wise business ambassadors of globalistic free trade and those "go-ballistic" pentagoons with Dr. Frank Einstein, as well as Ill-Lou Menatti, head pharmaceutical industrialist for the military medical pharmaceutical propaganda complex, main lodge of the supreme high command of the New World Odor, we the people, are presenting college kids, a few rock stars, marginalized and obscure activists, unemployed intellectuals, naive visionaries, a few disenchanted reporters, a number of disillusioned idealists, dreamers, poets, mystics, humanitarians, spiritual warriors, nature lovers, sincere believers, union workers, "homeless dwellers", some aware,others unaware, some in underwear, while some lost all their hair.

However ragged this motley crew may seem to be...They are VITAL. They are for the most part original, creative, passionate, truth seeking, peaceful, determined, and morally correct! They are not "misguided"...They are guided: huge distinction.

They are the team I cheer for...
Not the Montreal Americans, nor the Montreal Cacahuètes, nor the Toronto
Allgonuts, nor the Toronto Black Joes, nor the Chicago Blackheads, nor
the Ottawa Sedators, nor the Hamilton putty-cats, nor the Anaheim Mighty
Fucks, nor the Washington Whiteskins, nor the Phoenix Jackasses, nor the
Boston Prunes, nor the Chicago Teddy Bears, nor the New Jersey Lambs,
nor the Houston Hyenas, nor the Kansas City Rabid Badgers, nor the
Seattle Snakes, nor the Wolverines, nor the Savage Chipmunks, nor the
Los Angeles Blood Hounds...to name but a few...

BUT...These activist students and dissatisfied intellectuals are HUGE
THREATS to the Masters of Deception and Propagandizement.

They are what Falun Gong is to the chinese bureaucratic corruption
conglomerate...(the communist party.)

They are what the awakening students from all parts of the world, are,
to the ruling plutocracies which spy on us, repress us, criminalize us,
stereotype us, manipulate us, experiment with us, lie to us, steal from
us, cheat on us, patronize us, scare us, threaten us, marginalize us,
numb us, etc...etc...

"We the persecuted". Nothing new here.

We've been collectively playing this game since the beginning.
It is this game which is likely coming to an end, soon.
(12 years, max., if we can rely on the Mayan calendar and prophecies)

What the "glow ballistic conglomerats" are propagating is a humongous
deception that wreaks of a profound contempt for that infinitesimal
portion of mankind which has not yet been completely converted over to
the New World Odor Religion we have all been groomed to serve:

It's not even sound capitalism, not even good capitalism, it's contrived
capitalism, subverted capitalism, hijacked capitalism, fixed in advance,
phony capitalism...It is capitalism in THEIR image...

The in-betweeners get their marching orders from the top of the pyramid
of fear and translate for the populace.

The public relations departments package it for mass consumption, mass
confusion and mass digestion.

What these glow ballistic conglomerats are self propagandizing is an
obsessive compulsive quest for money, power, influence, honor,
"respectability", bullshit. It stinks to the high high heavens. It is
beyond lies born of greed which prey on simple minds who are trained to
not question authority. It is an entrenched part of the indoctrinating
dogma of our churches. This weakness we have developed by not even
trusting in our own conscience, is what provided a fertile ground for
social neuro-linguistic programming and engineering, cultural
programming, buzz phrase programming...buzz phrases such as
"globalization is the way to future prosperity for every citizen in the

We have been coerced to believe that we need THEM to protect us.
What's not as well known is that THEY need us to protect THEM from

THEY have lost it.

THEY are drunken captains at the disintegrating wheels of Titanic Paper
Monsters of the deep unconscious, spreading collective diseases...
Clamoring daily for their undeserved dose of media attention,
Smiling pathetically in a quest for some form of loyal sympathy,
Begging for consolation in the face of their true powerlessness to stop
the mess from proliferating,
Hoping silently to be recognized as some model of noble statesmanship,
in spite of it all,
Wishing for acknowledgment of their royal status and finally,
Not getting it.

Their worried minds disassociate from their sold out souls as they
pursue THEIR endless parade down Main Street to the Black House, the
Hall of Shame of Mediocracy.

THEY are beyond redemption, beyond detoxification, beyond wasting our
time and money on THEM, beyond mere contempt.

They must be obliterated from our consciousness even as we disconnect
them from their support system: US!!

If we are to believe in the ideals of equality, liberty and fraternity,
we must learn to trust the universe and do away with the pathetic need
to seek protection from everything. It allows all kinds of power abuses
to take root...

The possibility of enough folks waking up and masterfully taking back
the power that is theirs...
Is what THEY PROBABLY fear the most even if it is unconscious.
That WOULD constitute a quantum leap for Mankind...And a severe blow to
the puffed-up princes of pomp and ceremony who mindlessly pound away at
the future in a chaotic cacophony of psychosis inducing nincompoop;
their sound is hysterical and their frenzied drone of slick programming
is pecking away relentlessly at the culture of the future, churning IT
into a deadly repetition of the past...just candy coated with the latest
artificial flavor.

THEY are everywhere and we barely suspect THEM.

One of them was preaching this globalist gospel right in our humble
parish...the canadian parliament: the House of Commons...
(Feb. 22, Ottawa, Canada).

Prime Sinister Fony Blair of GREAT GREAT BRITAIN, sounded off like a Mad
Cow in heat with his happy finger on the trigger. GREAT GREAT GREAT
Prime Sinister of glorious GREAT GREAT BRITAIN, home of distinguished
master bullies for over 500 years, was prancing around like a cocky
bulldog in his role as multi-national power broker for her majesty's
kingdom. Yes My Lord, the material interests of the old boys club were
very righteously defended without expectancy of any debate or
opposition whatsoever...It is simply a song and dance that they have
been rehearsing for so long, that it has become an official truth, an
absolute obvious fact for all to recognize as self-evident. He plays
the role of alpha wolf, a leader among the pack of wolverines, hyenas,
killer apes and rabid badgers that assemble there to squabble over bones
and fight over money. They just keep on dumping their age old prejudices
and blatant arrogant ignorance on the bewildered younger generations who
desperately try, to no avail, to make sense of this monumental farce
of cosmic proportions...In addition to that, those poor kids have to
try and make sense of religion, science, the "law", technology,
what they're being thaught in school, artistic creativity,
non-sheepish behavior...the Free World.....

What turned the dream back into sleep?
What stopped rocking in the free world?

Well...a lot.
One thing's for sure: greed never paused more than a millisecond,
and the networks sold out completely. (They were bought out by the
military industrial propaganda complex)

Instead of showcasing relevant creative geniuses... THEY're giving the
hippopotacrits of politics Zillions of cubic kilometers of air space,
eons worth of air time, trillions of Megahertz in electromagnetic
bandwidth such as T.V. and Radio...broadcast in general. What else?
Fill in the paragraph yourself...

You are given the permission to dismiss such self glorified peacocks as
ideologically retarded robots of the archaic lunatic fringe, maintaining
the trance through their incessant barrage of inanities, insanity's and

Yes but Aunt Lila says THEY seem so nice, so well dressed, so well
spoken, so well behaved, so professional...so reassuring...so
important... Why? Because they wear a suit and tie, shave every day, know how to lie and smile as they stab you in the back? FFFuck! wake up woman...

Don't be fooled...Seize The Beast...Spoil the feast.

THEY are desensitizing us, suavely seducing us, subliminally
manipulating us...Brainwashing us...every day a bit more...

THEY...the corporate greedmeisters finance endless T.V. and radio
commercials, billions of billboards, terabytes of on-line banners,
millions of square kilometers of promotional garbage, Trillions of
neurons worth of promotional schemes, contests, lotteries, point
systems, coupons, trivia...anything. All of them: Bablum suppliers.

THEY are political-economic-religious and corporate conglomerackets of
Glo-Ballistic Interplanetary Crap.

Note: "Bablum" is a registered trade mark of Shit Distributors
International (SDI)

Obviously, there's another "kind" of process going on here as well...
An opposing force is developping...as it always does, in nature.

To many, my rants are probably perceived as excessive, self-revealing,
even self-defeating. So what? What am I? Who cares what I am or am not?
If you want to be consoled, comforted, cajoled, distracted, entertained,
titillated and amused, there are plenty of stops along the way...
See jojo savard...

If I had really wanted to play the game the way it's played.
I would have started a long time ago.
I was cursed with the ability to see behind the façade.
For 25 years, everybody around me tried to make it go away by ignoring
it. It didn't work. It got "worse".

If my convictions were ever in doubt, the last 2 years have put these
doubts to rest once and for all. I will no longer question my insights
because the evidence to confirm my suspicions has come to me in spades,
thanks to the internet.

I will not forget that I know what I know just because it makes some of
you uncomfortable. Don't take it personally. This stuff may seem
alienating but it's not addressed to you, personally: It's just a
practice run...

My task is to alert the young generation NOW...NOT after they've lost
their natural drive and have been sacrificed at the altar of
"glow-ballistic" crapitalism... NOT after they've been put to sleep by
the hypnotic transe of video diarrhea and verbal cacophony inciting them
to buy everything NOW and SAVE...!

It also shows others who are fed up with this global charade, that they
are not alone in perceiving the colossal absurdity of the situation.

We should NOT laugh at the young activists who have the energy and
courage to go up against the WTO and other subversive branches of global
crapitalism. We should inform them of the reality of what's going
on...Not smile at them condescendingly as if it's just a phase they're
going through. That's what happened to me; 25 years later, I'm still the
same rebellious, irreverent, progressive social reformer who never
quits. Quite a "phase" this is... The future is telepathic...

But in the "mean" time, the remaining renegades with brains (and hearts)
will have to consolidate their intranets and build firewalls because the
internet is our only hope of avoiding total stupidity.

Our window of opportunity will not last forever...if the high priests of
control have their way.

Thanks to the net, we go where we decide to go...not where the idiot
puppets and immedia mongols tell us to go. This, in itself was a true
turning point in the evolution of the revolution.

Free and independent journalism, editorial, publishing and netcasting
has the potential of becoming the backbone of the necessary revolution
in higher consciousness. That's IT for today. I'm taking a holiday

You may return to your "normal programming"...


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